Wild Pets by Character 

It is Alison’s birthday in September and the other day we were going through the Argos catalogue so she can choose what presents she wants. I was not surprised when she selected Wild Pets Spider. Luckily just a few days later I received an email inviting us to review one of the spiders so I jumped at the chance.
Wild Pets Spider comes in a few different colour varieties and you can also get a tank for it. It has three different modes and you can tell which one the Spider is on based on the colour of its eyes.

Explore mode is when the Spider has green eyes. It will explore a large area and after a while will revert to Creep mode.

In Creep mode, the spider has blue eyes and will explore a small area. This is the mode that the spider needs to be in whilst in its habitat (available separately).

The other mode I have not managed to get a decent photo off is attack mode. In attack mode, the Spiders eyes are red and it darts forward to attack whatever is in its path.

It is easy to change modes by pressing the two sensors on its back and you can switch between the three modes by doing this. Wild Pets Spiders use 3 LR44 button cell batteries and there are demonstration batteries included.

The spider creeps around using the wheels on its base and its legs wriggle around in a manner that is far too realistic and creepy for my liking. Luckily there is an off switch on the bottom which means when it really starts to freak me out I can turn it off.

Alison says that the Wild Pets Spider is amazing and she can’t wait to show it to uncle so she can trick him with it.