WeMo controlling my house from my phone

Picture the scene, you are lying in bed wishing you could somehow magically turn on the coffee machine and then you remember you have your phone next to you. The tap of the screen and soon the smell f freshly ground beans are wafting up the stairs. This is my life.

Picture this scene, you are in bed at the end of a long day, you have been reading a book but want to go to sleep now but that light switch just seems so far away or you are on holiday worried that your house will look dark and empty, both of these situations can be solved using your phone.

Ok so you may think I am going mad but with the use of these two devices and my WeMo app on my phone I really can turn my light off and start my coffee machine all from my phone. Even if I am not in the house! You can set things to a set schedule, manually control them and even monitor how much power is used.

The best thing is that these are not the only WeMo products and soon you can control everything in the house just from your phone. I love the gradual dimming function on the light which can help you fall asleep more naturally but most of all the security to know that when I am away I can make it seem like someone is home.