Wasgij – The Adult Jigsaw`

A Saturday night and for once the computer was switched off. This was a saturday night just for me.

Yep that is right a Jigsaw and a bottle of wine, what more could a women want. Well maybe some chocolate but I didn’t have any of that.

It has been a long time since I did a grown up jigsaw, you know the ones with more than 100 pieces. I used to love Wasgij? jigsaws so when I saw them at the Toy Fair in January I basically begged to review one.
I was sent the Wasgij Destiny Puzzle number 14, How times have changed. As with all Wasgij puzzles the picture on the box is not the picture that you will be making with your puzzle so straight away it is harder than most normal jigsaw puzzles. There are a few clues around the edge of the box but I try not to look as I love the challenge.

It took me two nights to complete the puzzle but it was a great two nights, ok I didn’t see my bed until the early hours but it was just so addictive. Hubby couldn’t believe that I had managed to do so much so quickly but I was loathe to give up and go to bed.

For the day in between I was on tenterhooks making sure the girls didnt go near my jigsaw. I became possessive. I am ashamed to admit it but I wanted to get to work on it straight away but I didnt want the girls to want to help so I stopped myself. I tried to distract myself but the puzzle was there waiting for me and as soon as the girls went up for bed I was back, a glass of wine in one hand and a puzzle piece in the other.

Placing the last piece had a two pronged effect, i felt happy and joyful that I had finished and yet I felt disappointed that I had finished, I don’t have another puzzle to do and that makes me sad. Mind you if I was sat there making a jigsaw puzzle I wouldn’t be sat here blogging and you can’t have things both ways!