Wasgij Jigsaw puzzles – Not as easy as they look

I have been a huge fan of Wasgij puzzles for years and I am happy that Alison has acquired my love of them as well. Wasgij puzzles are jigsaw puzzles that are not the same as the picture on the box but there are different varieties.

Wasgij Original Puzzle – Dropping the weight

The Wasgij Original jigsaw puzzles show you the same scene but from a different perspective. In this case, you need to create a puzzle that shows you what the lady on the exercise ball sees. It will have something to do with the red feet at the bottom of the frame.

Wasgij Mystery Puzzle – Catching a break

The Mystery puzzles are not the scene as it is now but what will happen next. This allows you to create the same basic scene layout and the same characters but with a twist. You can usually make a prediction based on the scene on the box and in this case, I assume it is something to do with a mouse, wool and cats. You can see the mouse in the bottom right-hand side and the look of terror on the ladies face shows she has seen something she doesn’t like.

Wasgij Destiny puzzle – The Toy Shop


The Destiny puzzles show the same location but further in the future. In the case of this toy shop, the toys on the shelves will need to be updated as well as all of the customers. Just how will it look different so far in the future?

Wasgij Christmas Puzzle – Santa’s Unexpected Delivery

The Wasgij Christmas puzzle is actually a 2 in 1 puzzle as you actually get 2 x 1000 piece puzzles. One showing the image on the front of the box and one showing what Santa sees, much like the original puzzles.

All of these make great gifts for puzzle lovers and would be a perfect addition for under the Christmas tree.