Walking with Dinosaurs stomping shoes


When I was at Dream toys earlier this month I came across some Walking With Dinosaurs – Gorgon Stomping Feet from Vivid Imaginations. I knew straight away that Alison would love them and after checking that they had no minimum requirements for the size of her feet (she is a childs size 10) then I agreed to review them.

The Gorgon stomping feet all children to use them up to a size 5 which is fantastic. Secured on using an elasticated strap the Stomping feet go over the top of shoes.

Walking with Dinosaurs will be a huge hit this Christmas and we have already had a taste of that by playing the Walking with Dinosaurs wonder book game. We met Gorgon in the game and it allowed Alison to use her imagination more when playing with the stomping feet.

As you stomp around the feet make all sorts of noises from a stomping sound to a big roar with atmospheric sounds to accompany them. They are really easy to use and great fun to wear and will be a hit with any dinosaur fan,