Vtech Paw Patrol Treat Time Marshall

Like I have said before on previously, Paw Patrol has been a firm favourite with families, since the Nickelodeon favourite hit our screens in 2013. Ryder and his team of cute, funny and brave rescue pups have also taken the toy world by storm and Paw Patrol products are set to be inside millions of children’s stockings this Christmas. The Vtech Paw Patrol Treat Time Marshall is just one of the new Paw Patrol themed toys available this year.


The Treat Time Marshall from Vtech is an interactive toy with many developmental and learning benefits hidden beneath the fun of the brightly coloured talking and singing pup. With over 250 melodies, sounds and phrases, Marshall will keep your own little pup busy learning for hours.


It can be carried and stored easily with a built in handle and hatch to store the interactive treats. The sturdy and brightly coloured plastic means it is resilient to the behaviour of the most boisterous of our little darlings and with it being wipe clean it is good for travelling to and from anywhere without too much worry.

Inside the box, along with Treat Time Marshall, are 26 bone-shaped interactive letter Pup Treats, each with a different letter and object on. Depending on the play mode you are in, Marshall will set you fun tasks to find which bone he wants. This leads to either another task or for you to correct it, until you get the right one; teaching them about cause and effect. Placing the bone in Marshall’s mouth will aid their fine motor skills, where the tasks will aid their language and development as well as their imaginative play. Each mode teaches them different skills: Letter Mode helps the child with their letter sounds and phonics, as well as recognising their letters. Word Mode teaches Vocabulary, beginning letters and letter orders. Search & Rescue Mode asks them to find objects, letters, colours and more and with each correct answer he will ask another question. During Search & Rescue mode Marshall will ask the first letter of the child’s name and he will remember that when in Letter mode, making it more personable and exciting. Music Mode sees Marshall sing and dance along to the 26 different melodies attached to each interactive bone-shaped treat.


Treat Time Marshall is a ‘Ready to play’ toy, meaning it is already set up with batteries (3xAA) so you can give it straight to the child with no tantrums during a lengthy setup process; we’ve all been there and this is a real bonus, let’s face it.

To turn Treat Time Marshall on, simply slide the blue bone on his water pack to any of the 4 game modes, Marshall’s badge will light up, moving his eyes and ears telling you “I’m fired up to start”, meaning he is ready to go.


He will ask you to feed him a pup treat so he can tell you the letter/colour/number featured on the bone. If he is too loud, no worries, the volume button is next to the sliding bone, so you can turn it up and down depending on your wishes/tolerance.


His badge on his collar lights up and flashes along with the sounds and phrases. You can press it to activate Marshall when in standby mode or to hear Marshall’s catchphrases. If you don’t play with him for a while, he will shut down saying “see you soon”.


So there you go, this is Treat Time Marshall in all his glory. He is definitely a great educational tool for any Paw Patrol fan and a perfect addition to any playroom, especially those starting school and for less that £40 it’s a bargain.