U Hugs dolls – Express your personality

When I first got approached to review U Hugs I had to show the picture to Elizabeth to decide if she wanted to review them. Having never seen anything like this before I wasn’t really sure what I was looking at but apparently she had seen an advert and really wanted them.

U Hugs have only just launched in the UK and at the moment there are six character varieties available.

Each container includes a U Hugs character with removeable features and additional accessory pins.
The bodies of the U Hugs are made from a soft plastic that is reminiscent of the type used to make Croc shoes. It is soft and pliable which makes inserting the accessory pins easier for small hands. The bodies come with holes in the head, body, hands and feet as well as a compartment in the back to store the accessory pins. Each U Hugs comes with 12 pins in total which allows you to really mix them up.
The girls both enjoyed swapping the accesory pins between the two U Hugs that we received to create their own characters and have continued to mix and match them.  Later this year there will be even more U Hugs charcters available as well as separate pin packs so you can expand your accessories without having to purchase a new character, great for those who have a favourite.
U Hugs are the fashion dolls with a difference and definitely one to watch to this.