Twisty Petz Series 2 are out now #AD

We loved Twisty Petz when they launched last year and have enjoyed adding to our collection over the month since they were released. Both of my girls were really happy when they heard that they have now released series 2.

Twisty Petz are twistable, wearable collectables that transform from an animal to a bracelet and back again with a simple twist. They come in a range of animals and special finishes and Series 2 expands this range.

The addition of new animals and new finishes has taken this already cute collectable to a whole new level in the eyes of my daughters. They both fell in love with the Koala, dragon and Llama characters. The new series is full of magical new characters and we can’t wait to see what will come next.

My favourite addition has to be the owl which looks great as a bracelet. It was one of our hidden Twisty Petz so it was a real surprise to find it in the collection. As a mum, I love the fact that the packets include hidden and visible characters. This means you know most of what you are getting so you can ensure you choose ones you will be happy with whilst the hidden one still gives the kids the thrill of unboxing an unknown.

Twisty Petz babies come in a jewelled case and with a dangly charm. Connect them all together to create a cute bracelet or play with them as animals then store them in their case to keep them safe.

There are so many cute Twisty Petz to collect from series 1 and 2 that you will definitely find one to fall in love with.

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