Turtle tots bath time fun by TOMY


There is nothing my kids like more than messing around in the bath. Now having a serious bath and washing their hair is virtually impossible but add a good bath toy and they will happily stay in their until the water is freezing.

This TOMY Turtle tots bath time fun toy is exactly the sort of thing they still love, yes it is meant to be for younger children but you try telling them that. For some reason squirting each other out of a turtles bottom and sprinkling each others hair from a turtle leg still has its amusements and to be fair I found it quite fun too.

TOMY turtle tots bath time fun comes apart in three different categories, the body, legs and turtle tots.

The Legs – The four
legs fit into the turtle body using shape sorting. Each leg ends with a different shape so you have to put them in the right place. The legs each have a  different sprinkle holes for lots of pouring fun and the girls have loved seeing the water escape at different speeds and directions.

The body – Floating mummy turtle body holds the toy together, lift up her shell to have access to the shape sorting legs and place her in the water to watch her float around the surface or do what my girls do and see if you can drown her only to collapse in fits of giggles when she pops back up splashing your sister.

The Turtle tots -  The base of each of the squeezy Turtle tots is colour matched to the legs. They each squirt water, stick to side of the bath and look cute.

A fantastic Bath toy that has educational benefits too but we wont tell the kids that!