Trunkisaurus Escape!

Both of my daughters have Trunki’s. Elizabeth has a gruffalo trunki and Alison has a tiger trunki.

I have to say I am an advocate of Trunki’s they hold so much and are so much fun for the children. Mine have held 10 days worth of clothes for a toilet training toddler and we had clothes to spare.

The girls play with theirs a lot and they dont just use it as a suitcase or even as just a ride on, they use it for all sorts of imaginative games. It was a treasure chest at Alisons 2nd Birthday party.

Our Trunki’s have been all over the place, they have been on the train to london when we went to the lollibop festival, they have been to Butlins a lot but there is one place they have never been….. the museum. My trunki’s have a friend though and his name is Rex, he is a trunkisaurus and he loves the museum.

Trunki have been nice enough to donate a set of trunkisaurus travel chums to my Christmas Tombola.

I did not receive any compensation in return for this review, I wrote it because I love Trunki.

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