Trunk of Drunk – The best thing to take to a Butlins Big Weekend

In November I am heading away for another drink-fuelled adult Big Weekend at Butlins for some crazy fun without the kids. There will be 11 of us getting together for the weekend to dance to horrific 90’s music and have a laugh together. With this in mind, I have been on the lookout for various games that we could take with us to play in our apartments either before we go out or when we come back. With that in mind, I accepted the opportunity to review Trunk of Drunk. As you can imagine it is a box of games suitable for those who might be a little bit intoxicated.

Now Trunk of Drunk is a fairly small box so I did wonder how they could fit everything inside that is needed for 8 drinking games and it is really quite clever. Most people who will use this game will want to take it somewhere, whether to a mates house party or away for the weekend like I will be. So having a small lightweight box is exactly what we need.

Trunk of Drunk contains everything you need to play the games below. It includes 20 plastic cups (beer pong and Flip cup), 4 ping pong balls (beer pong), and 52 custom cards explained below.

  1. Beer Pong
  2. Never have I ever
  3. Ring of Fire
  4. Screw the dealer
  5. 21’s
  6. Flip Cup
  7. Most Likely
  8. Arrogance

Now obviously some of these games are self-explanatory and hopefully, I don’t have the explain beer pong to you but the other games might need explaining. Thankfully Trunk of Drunk comes with an instruction manual which doesn’t require a lot of reading. All of the games are easy to understand and the way they have created the pack of cards in the box is very clever.

So looking at the cards above you can see that they are double sided. The card on the left shows Ring of Fire (aka King’s Cup) and Screw the dealer. The card on the right shows Most Likely (top) and Never Have I Ever (bottom).

Beer Pong Rules

Arrange cups into a triangle in front of you on a table facing your opponent. Add a few fingers of beer to each cup. In a team or by yourself throw 2 balls towards the cups furthest from you. If your ball lands in the cup, they have to drink it. Discard empty cups. Win by throwing a ball into all the cups. Losers must drink all remaining cups on the table.

Never Have I Ever

WARNING – Not to be played with people who you don’t want to know your deepest secrets.

Take it in turns to choose a card and read it out loud. If you have done the deed, take a drink. If nobody drinks on a card, the player who called the card has to drink. No winners or losers, just drunk people.

Ring of Fire (aka King’s cup)

Arrange all the cards in a ring, place a large glass of booze (known as the king’s cup) in the middle of the ring. Choose a card one at a time and follow the instructions. Continue until the 4th and final kings cup card has been picked. The player who picks that must finish the King’s cup and the game is over.

Flip Cup

Split into teams and stand opposite each other across a table. Place a cup in front of each player and fill to the same level with a drink. Starting at one end of the table a player from each team must finish their drink. They must then place the cup on the edge of the table and flip it with one hand so it lands upside down on the table. Keep going until done correctly. Then it is the next player’s turn. The team to finish first wins.


These rules hurt my sober brain let alone my drunk brain. The aim is to count to 21 but not be the person who says 21. You can say 1, 2 or 3 numbers. Saying 1 number keeps the game going in the same direction, 2 numbers reverse direction, 3 numbers go in the same direction but skips 1 player. You cant say 2 numbers if the person before you said two numbers and same for three numbers. Make a mistake and you drink, restarting the game. When the person says 21, they finish their drink and they must introduce a new rule such as left-handed drinking or swapping a number for a word such as banana for 5 or swapping numbers around so they have to say 9 instead of 3 and 3 instead of 9.

Screw the dealer

The aim of this game is to guess the card on the top of the deck. If you guess correctly the dealer drinks. If you guess wrong the dealer says higher or lower. If the 2nd guess is wrong the guesser must drink the number of fingers between their guess and the value on the card. Once the dealer has beaten 3 players it is someone else’s turn to be the dealer.

Most Likely

Players read out the Most Likely to cards and all players point at the person they think is most likely to do the deed. The person with the most fingers pointing at them must take a drink. The game continues. This could just be a way to get someone very drunk if everyone gangs up on them, not that I would do this….


This game could end in disaster, drinking is all about the flip of the coin. One player pours some of their drink into a cup, as little or as much as they want. They then guess heads or tails and the person on their left flips the coin. If the player guesses correctly the glass moves to the next person clockwise. They add some of their drink and continue until someone guesses wrong and must finish the whole drink. Very very messy depending on the drink concoction as you can imagine.

So there you have it, Trunk of Drunk, 8 of the greatest drinking games in one handy box. A sure-fire way to add to your hangover and the perfect accompaniment to a Butlins Big Weekend.

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  1. Wow! I didn’t know such a box was available, thank you for reviewing it. Ring of Fire is my all-time favorite amongst all those drinking games.

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