When I was at Evolution Pr’s christmas in july event I fell in love with Triqo, unfortunately my sample was missing from the goody bag but they were kind enough to send me a box to play with instead.

We have built all sorts of things with this great construction material but I thought I would show you the best of the lot. Elizabeth wanted to wear it so we made her some squarepants.

She danced around the room singing Elizabeth Squarepants . . . a lot . . . . . . for a very long time.

Made up of Squares and Triangles with clippy bits that you squeeze together you do need little fingers to get to some of the very last bits but to be extra clever you can clip it together on the outside (as shown above) as well as on the inside.

With bright colours and basic shapes this is a hit with the kids. 

I got sent a 100 piece set which is available from Amazon