TouchJet Pond – turn any surface into a touchscreen android user interface

When I got asked if I wanted to borrow a Touchjet Pond to see how it works I cursed myself that the email had not come a week before when the ability to set up a projector screen at Blog on would havebeen perfect however I decided to give it a try anyway.

Gaming Daddy of Two had the first go with it and projected onto our wall in our living room which was great for watching youtube videos but not so good for turning it into a touchscreen. We then set it up on a wall that the kids could access and let them have a play with it. Using Android is really intuitive and although they are apple users normally they knew exactly what to do to access the internet and find their favourite youtube videos to watch.

The TouchJet Pond includes a built in speaker (which isnt great) and an audio out which would allow you to attach it to othe speakers. You can also connect your Android tablet, iPad, iPhone, Mac or PC computer via the HDMI port.

In the box you get the projector, power cable, remote (air mouse)  and  two styluses. The styluses are the key to turning the projection into a touch screen. Pressing the stylus onto the projection will produce a red light (IR) which the projector then reads. You have to calibrate all this using an app on the projector but once done the stylus works really well. Unfortunately you cant go between the red light and the projector so it can be tricky sometimes but it is very impressive.

You can use the remote like a normal mouse to move around the screen and select stuff. You can also use your own bluetooth keyboard and mouse if you require.

As it is android based you can download your normal apps from the play store which should allow you to access all your online based accounts. You also have 18GB of built in storage and the ability to add a USB stick for additional storage too.

You can make a projection up to 80″ but I found the resolution at this size to be seriously lacking but found that 50″ was really good. As I said the sound isnt great but this isnt meant to replace your tv. The Touchjet Pond makes projection much more affordable, easier to use and highly portable.