Top treats for a kids easter party

Easter is a great time to throw a party for the kids as there are lots of ways to entertain the kids. One of the best ways to have Easter related fun is to have an egg hunt and Teco have a great set which includes cut out signs and a minimum of 21 chocolate eggs including one egg that is bigger than the others.
As well as an egg hunt you can have great fun having an egg and spoon race but there is no need for there to be any mess with this fantastic Wooden Egg and Spoon set from Born Gifted. They come in a set of four but each individually wrapped and the eggs have a rattle sound to them.
Traditionally in Scandanavia they didnt have chocolate eggs and instead gifted children with a paper egg filled with small toys and sweets. One of these eggs is a great centrepiece for the food table and contains a variety of sweets and chocolate treats that kids will enjoy sampling. You can buy the cardboard eggs either filled or empty from ScandiKitchen which means you could make them personalised and filled with your childs favourite sweets.
Obvious Easter wouldn’t be Easter without a ridiculous amount of chocolate but if you wanted to restrict the amount the kids were eating then you could always choose from some of the multipack products that Cadburys have released. From mini chocolate bunnies, creme eggs or individually wrapped mini eggs thet are great for putting in party bags or having in bowls for the kids to share. The Dairy Milk Spring Edition bar is great for the parents to nibble on too!
When putting together the perfect party snack table you could always include some Hot Cross Bun Popcorn by Butterkist and for the grown ups this Almondy Toblerone chocolate cake goes well with a brew.