Top Toys – Vtech DigiGo

Although my girls are both a bit old for Vtech products, I was intrigued by the new Vtech DigiGo when I saw it at the Amazon Christmas in July event.  Not only does the DigiGo have the ability to take photos on the rotating camera and play the games and apps that are able to be downloaded from the Vtech Learning Library but it also has the ability to send and receive messages, photos and voice recordings to people with the Vtech Connect app.

The Vtech DigiGo is rechargeable and connects to wifi. This means that unless connected to wifi they wont be able to send or receive messages.  The games can be played using motion, sound, touch  and the directional pad.  You get one game pre-loaded and you are allowed to download 2 additional apps for free from the learning lodge.

The Vtech DigiGo screen does not work well with just fingers and you need to use the stylus ( 2 are included in the box) for it to work well.  Elizabeth really enjoyed using this and sending me little pictures and messages  but she finds the apps a bit young for her.

I think that this is a great product for children around the age of 5 as you get enough decent apps for that age and it looks grown up enough that they would want to use it.

This is definitely a toy to consider this Christmas.