Top Toys – Teksta Scorpion

Robotic animals have been all the rage for the last few years and I have seen countless dogs, cats and dinosaur robots at the toy exhibitions for the last few years so I was really drawn to Teksta Scorpion when I first saw it in January at the Toy Fair.
Teksta Scorpion comes with a motion sensor controller and a cylinder shaped piece of plastic (power core). Teksta takes two different sizes of batteries and requires 4 AA batteries for the Scorpion and 3 AAA batteries for the motion sensor controller.
When I first turned Teksta Scorpion on I had some trouble controlling it and I was getting really frustrated with it not responding and even got others to try. I even placed the motion controller on the floor and Teksta Scorpion still kept moving. I decided to change the batteries and give it one more go as the batteries I used in the controller were not new ones. This made a HUGE difference and straight away Teksta Scorpion responded to all of the motion controls. This was really good fun and as it is all motion controlled it is easy to use by all ages. We really enjoyed playing with this and chasing the cat too!

The cylinder that comes with Teksta Scorpion was there to use with Teksta Scorpions pinching mechanism. You need to manually open the pincers and then direct Teksta Scorpion towards the cylinder. When Teksta Scorpion gets the cylinder between its pincers it will close its pincers and take the cylinder with it. The only disappointing factor is that if you reverse whilst holding the cylinder it can come out of its pincers. It would be really good if the grip was a bit tighter so that you can manouver it fully without it losing its cargo.

Teksta Scorpion is the easiest to control of all the robotic animals we have used and its movements are realistic with the legs moving in a creeping manner that the girls absolutely loved. The only issue that Elizabeth had was that it was not available in pink!

I think that Teksta Scorpion will be one of the Toy Toys this Christmas and I recommend you buy it sooner rather than later as it may be so popular that the shops might run out of stock.