Top Toys – Sing-A-Long Elsa 

Let It Go, Let It Go, you won’t get away without Frozen this year. Let It Go, Let It Go, your sanity won’t survive!

Yes I am almost sad to admit that Elsa will once more be dominating the Toy Aisles this Christmas but with a toy this good it would be a shame to miss out really. After the success of Snow Glow Elsa Jakks Pacific are back this year with another amazing Elsa doll with two fabulous ways to play.

Sing-A-Long Elsa comes with a Doll, dress, shoes and a microphone. Her dress and necklace light up as she sings and she is in the fabulous toddler style that is so popular with the Disney Princess dolls right now.

The first mode to play with Sing-A-Long Elsa is the duet mode where you can pass the microphone between yourself and Elsa. The technology allows Elsa to join in the song as you place the microphone to her lips and at all other times you can sing along with just the background music.

If you want to sing at the same time as Elsa or just listen to Elsa sing by herself then you simply lift up her arm. This means that you can use the Microphone to sing along at the same time.

The light up dress looks fantastic and is not something I managed to capture in my photos but it certainly adds some magic to Sing-A-Long Elsa.

Just in case you are not sure of the Let it go lyrics and you didnt want to ask your child to recite them you can find a copy inside the box.

If your children love Frozen this has to be under the Christmas tree this year but get it quick because Snow glow Elsa was as scarce as gold dust near Christmas last year.