Top Toys – Real FX slotless racing

Real FX is pitched as being a huge hit this Christmas and has already made its way into quite a few top toys lists so I requested a sample to see what all the fuss was about.

The track comes in lots of different pieces which makes it easy to store so the first thing we had to do was work out how to set it up. There are a few examples of circuit layouts in the instruction booklet but you can also make your own.

The track pieced together really easily by tucking the tabs into the slits.
Once the track is put together you just need to place the cars on the starting grid. The Real FX AI Vehicles take three AAA batteries and the RealFX AI R/C Handsets take three AA batteries.
It is really easy to pair the handsets to the cars and going through the options is all explained clearly in the instruction booklet.  There are a few different modes to play with that helps to increase playability. R/C Mode allows the cars to be used as a regular R/C vehicle.  Practice Mode allows the vehicle to be driven around the track using the AI assisted control, this means that unless you oversteer, the vehicle will stay on the track. The next mode is Championship mode which has a variety of levels. You can use one of the cars as a pace car or have both cars controlled by using the handsets.
Championship mode allows you to set the number of laps, tire wear, fuel consumption and hazards which adds to the game play.
The handsets are really easy to use with the wheel for steering and a toggle on the back for acceleration and reverse.  All of the controls simple to understand and the instruction booklet explains everything in simple terms that makes using Real FX a pleasure.
I can see why this is pitched to be a top toy this Christmas as it is easy to put together, fun to play with, doesn’t require a phone or tablet and is easy to store too. This will definitely be a hit with anyone who gets this under their tree this year.