Top Toys – MiPosaur 

MiPosaur is another of those toys that attracted my attention at the Toy Fair. Made by WowWee the same people who brought us MiP last year, MiPosaur is a sleek looking dinosaur with a fun and friendly personality.


 MiPosaur doesn’t come with a remote control instead he comes with his Trackball which has 6 different modes.

Dance – Shake the Trackball to see him dance.  Shake it again to get him to stop.
Food – Use the ball to feed him treats
Teddy Bear – The trackball becomes his favourite toy. I won’t spoil it but you have to listen to what he says, its so cute.
Ball – Roll the Trackball and he will chase and push the ball around.
Leash – Turn the Trackball into a leash and take him for a walk.
Beat Box – He starts to BeatBox when he gets close to the Trackball.


 Using the Trackball isn’t the only way to interact. The great app that accompanies it (free to download) allows you to feed him a variety of different foods, get him to dance to your own songs, draw a path for him to follow and even play more games with him.

You can even interact with MiPosaur through hand gestures and claps. The instruction booklet has some basic commands to master. Depending on its mood depends on how co-operative he is feeling and also what actions he will take. He has three moods; Curious, Excited and Annoyed.

All in all, I think MiPosaur takes the animatronic/robotic animal toys to a new level for this price point and comes out top among all of the ones I have tested previously.

MiPosaur takes 4 x AA and 4 x AAA batteries, I recommend that these are high-end batteries as otherwise you may find it to be sluggish in its response.