Top Toys -Meccano Meccanoid G15 personal robot

Back in January I was introduced to Meccanoid G15 KS on the Spin Master stand at the Toy Fair, the robot was almost 4 foot tall and was able to speak and move. It looked amazing but I also knew that it would come with a big price tag so I was really happy to find out that Spin Master had also created a smaller version that was a lot more affordable. Now the Meccanoid G15 is the most expensive item in my top toys list but I also think that it is the one with the most value for money.
Putting Meccanoid G15 together was fairly simple using the clear instructions and included tools although it had over 600 parts so it did take quite a while. Meccanoid G15 is recommended for ages 10 plus and I can see why. The build requires a lot of attention to detail (I wasnt paying attention at the end and put the motors for the feet in the wrong sides so forwards is backwards and visa versa).

Meccanoid G15 is able to be controlled in a few different ways. You can use the panel on the front as well as voice commands to access the different menu and preprogrammed responses or you can use the free app. Connecting Meccanoid G15 to the app is really easy using Bluetooth and you will hear instructions on how to do this from Meccanoid.

Meccanoid G15 is over two feet tall when built in its original shape but you can also follow the instructions to make what looks like a dinosaur or you could make up your own design. As long as you think about where you are positioning the motors you will be able to programme the Meccanoid G15 robot to do what you want it to do.

Meccanoid is able to be programmed in a variety of ways including

  • Learned Intelligent Movement (LIM) technology, where you can simply move its arms or speak to it and Meccanoid records what you’re doing and repeats it back to you.
  • Motion Capture where you place your smart device into the cradle on Meccanoid’s chest, activate the Motion Capture feature in the app and marvel as Meccanoid mirrors your every action!
  • Ragdoll feature where you can move Meccanoid and make control the 6 motors using the app and swiping the screen to programme the movement.

Meccanoid G15 and the more expensive Meccanoid G15 KS are the best toy I have seen this year and one that I expect most children would want to find under their Christmas tree this year.