Top Toys – Max Tow Truck

I first saw Max Tow back in May when I attended the Toymaster show. I was amazed to see if pull a variety of toys around the floor so I knew that I would have to feature it in my toy guide.

If you have a kid who loves cars, trucks and construction vehicles then Max Tow Truck is a great toy for them. With over 50 sounds and phrases and the ability to pull up to 200lbs as well as push large weights too it really is a hefty truck.

When you Get Max Tow Truck out of the box you have to clip on two of his wheels and remove the battery pack that is there so you can hear his voice in the try me feature. You then need to insert 6 C Batteries which is a lot of battery power but I don’t think AAs would be able to pull the sort of weight that Max Tow Truck can pull. His wheels do feel flat but I assume that they are like this for traction purposes rather than the fact that someone just forgot to inflate them.

We had great fun putting his pulling and pushing abilities to the test and whilst he was unable to pull me on the scooter (I way slightly more than 200lbs) he was able to pull Elizabeth and Alison easily. We did try to add extra weight to the scooter but he seemed to cope well. I was slightly concerned that the plastic chain might not be able to cope with the weights but I needn’t have worried as it was absolutely fine.

Max Tow Truck is a great toy that not very many people have heard of but one that I think will make a big impression on any child into their cars and vehicles.