Top Toys – Easy Nails Nail Spa

Sometimes I see something that I love just as much as Elizabeth and the Easy Nails Nail Spa is one of those products.

The Easy Nails Nail spa dips the brush into the nail varnish before swiping it across the painting area. It takes 3 AA batteries but comes with 2 peelable nail polishes, 20 gemstones, 1 tube of glitter and two spare brushes.

Setting up the Easy Nails Nail Spa was really easy to do and using the swivel pad to place your finger you can line up the brush to your nail before pressing the purple paint button. If you need more nail polish just press the pink button to reload the brush.

I am absolutely rubbish at painting my nails as I dont have a very steady hand so using this allowed me to paint all of my nails really easily and as the nail polish holder can take other shapes of nail polish bottles you can even use your favourite nail polish.

It is not often that I would recommend a toy that is all about makeup but the Easy Nails Nail Spa is easy to use, does exactly what it advertises and looks fantastic.

I would recommend this for children aged 7 plus to use by themselves although it is advertised at 5 plus however I would suggest that at 5 the children would require supervision.