Top Toys – Big Hero 6 Baymax 25cm Feature Plush

We are huge Big Hero 6 fans and I am glad to see that Baymax is still popular with a lot of kids. There were quite a few of the Bandai Big Hero 6 toys that I could have chosen from including Projection Baymax which we reviewed earlier this year and Armour Up Baymax but Feature Plush Baymax is the one that Elizabeth wanted more than any of the others.

I suppose because Baymax is so cuddly looking in the film that having a plush version makes so much more sense to kids but I also think that having him in my top toys list may be a surprise to some people however this feature plush has everything that I want in a cuddly toy.

Baymax 25cm feature plush is really well made with fabulous stitching and is well stuffed giving him a firm yet squishy feeling. He has a small feature button on his chest (like the character in the film) which produces a variety of sounds and phrases from the movie. The best thing is that you can actually change the batteries unlike some of the other feature plushes my girls have had before. This means that they will never get upset when it stops talking as I can just change the batteries and he is good as new.

Elizabeth absolutely loves this feature plush Baymax and we love watching the film again and again and I am not even bored of it yet!