Top Easter treats for kids that don’t involve chocolate

We all know that the shop shelves have been heaving wiith Easter Eggs for the last few months but not everyone likes to give their kids chcoolate that is bigger than their head so here are a few great gifts that are perfect for children and that contain no chocolate what so ever!
Lego have bught out this new seasonal set that is available exclusively from Tesco. The Lego Painting Easter Egg set costs £6.99 and includes two minifigures based in a little kitchen. It has lots of fabulous little accessories such as a cofee machine, eggs, egg cups and even a broken egg. You also get a hen and a tiny little garden with a nest for her to lay more eggs. This is great value and super cute.
We did an indepth review of Bandai’s Hatch N Heroes last year and I am excited to say that there will be even more fabulous designs released later this year. These make great toys for kids to play with and as they come in an egg form they work well for alternative Easter gifts.
Getting a creative gift is always a good idea as they keep the kids occupied. These two Dino Puzzles from Jumbo games are brilliant as they create 3D models for the kids to display afterwards. The pig set is for ages 8 Plus and builds a large 3D dinosaur. The smaller box contains three Dino Puzzles in egg containers, these would be great split up and given one to each child. The pack says from 6 plus but they come in 3 different difficulty levels so you could give the easier ones to slightly younger kids.
LittleLife’s Ritchie Rabbit Toddler Daysack is the perfect Bunny based gift for young ones. The daysack is comfortable for little ones to wear with padded adjustable straps to ensure it fits securely.  The Littlelife daysack includes a grab handle and removable reins which helps keep kids safe. Ritchie Rabbit is so cute that even the most resistant reins wearer will love having this on their backs.

Looking at the younger kids then a Talking Chickadee is a perfect gift. Most poreschool children currently love the Twirlywoos and Talking Chickadee from Golden Bear is soft and cuddly and says Chickadee in lots of different ways just like the character in the show. I showed Chickadee to two children in the right age bracket and they both wanted to give it a loving new home so I would say that it would definitely be a hit this Easter.

If you are looking for the perfect something for kids that doesnt involve chocolate then looking for things that are egg shaped or things that feature bunnies or chicks is a  great way of celebrating Easter and keeping cavities at bay.