Top Easter treats for grown ups!

For the last two days I have been looking at ways to make Easter special for the kids with my  non chocolate Easter gift guide and my guide to throwing a fabulous Easter party but we all know that Easter isn’t just for kids so it is time to focus on us grown ups.

To me Easter is about great quality chocolate and is a time to treat yourself to something special so here I look at some of the chocolate brands that I love to see what they have on offer for us this year.

Now many of us know Elizabeth Shaw for their gorgeous Chocolate Mint crisp boxes that are sopopular at Christmas but did you know that they also create a fabulous range of Easter Eggs. This Famous Names Whisky Collection Egg caught my egg for Hubby. It includes a Dark Chocolate Egg and 8 whisky chocolates using 4 different whiskys.
I have seen ChokABlock on the shelves in Tesco a few times and I am always drawn to the bright coloured boxes and alternative looking products but I had never tried them before. This ChokABlock Popping Candy Heaven egg is 300g of thick white chocolate with popping candy and hundreds and thousands mixed through it. The front has some orange coloured white chocolate and a selection of pick ‘n’ mix sweets stuck on. The Egg is hollow with nothing inside but is a very thick shell and is great for those with a really sweet tooth who loves white chocolate.
No Easter selection for grown ups would be complete without at least one product from my favourite chocolate shop, Hotel Chocolat and to make it even better this Easter Goody Bag doesnt just contain one product! The Easter Goody Bag is filled fabulous Easter themed chocolates including a Salted Caramel Slab, a bag of Raspberry Egglets, a trio of Scrambled Praline chocolates, some caramel City Bunnies and a trio of milk chocolate bunnies. This is great for someone like me who cant stop themselves eating the chocolates once the packet is open as they are all in individual packets which should hopefully prevent me from stuffing them all in my face in one go!
I love Lily O’briens Dessert chocolate collection so this milk chocolate egg with 9 Dessert chocolates was perfect for me although I did have to share. The girls both loved eating the egg and the chocolates so we had a bit of a fight over them. The egg was a lovely thickness and was smooth and creamy and the Dessert chocolates were full of flavour.
If you want to give a gift that won’t melt and will last a lot longer than a chocolate egg then this hand painted wooden egg by Booja-Booja is a perfect gift. This beautifully decorated wooden egg contains three hazelnut crunch chocolate truffles that are dairy free, gluten free and organic, not to mention delicious. This is a great way of giving a gift that includes a gorgeous keepsake.
For those of you on a diet but who still have a sweet tooth then you should check out these delicious Beanies flavoured coffees. Syn free on Slimming world but with a lovely chocolate hit (as well as a good dose of caffeine) I use these to try to keep my sweet tooth at bay. I am a particular fan of the chocolate mint variety which has a strong and satifying flavour.
Not all gifts have to be to do with chocolate and I absolutely love receiving gorgeous smelling candles. Yankee Candles have some lovely smells that have come out for easter including Bunny Cake and Jelly Bean which are both absolutely gorgeous. I have been burning Jelly Bean in my house the last week or so and everyone who has come in has commented on the smell so it has been a complete hit.