Top Christmas toys – Teksta Robotic Kitty

The Christmas lists are already written and I am not surprised to see some of the top toys of 2014 feature quite high on the girls lists. Lucky for me we have the opportunity to get our hands on a few of the top Xmas toys over the coming weeks to show you what they are all about.

Top of Elizabeth’s Christmas list was Teksta Kitty. This was the high value item that Santa was going to bring and Alison has Teksta Dino on her list too. The girls fell in love with the Teksta toys in July when they attended a few of the Christmas in July press shows with me and they really enjoyed playing with them and either intuitively knew what to do or loved finding out what different the buttons did.

Character Options sent us Teksta Kitty to review which means Elizabeth needs to go back to the drawing board to decide what Santa is bringing but it also means that I have been able to really have a good look at this toy. The Teksta range features a puppy, kitty and dino. The Puppy is available in blue, pink, Dalmation and a special edition Scooby Doo version. Dino is red and as you can see Kitty is pink.

Now head back to Christmas 2013 and I was telling people not to buy Teksta and I am not going to lie about that. The reason for this was the ears kept falling of the puppies whenever I saw them. This year the build quality has vastly improved and I can say I have not seen any earless puppies!

In fact with Teksta Kitty the ears are really solid and everything feels sturdy including the tail. Now this is a great piece of robotics, the modes include a singing mode and an interaction mode where it meows at you when you talk to it, it pounces and begs for its mouse.

I do have to admit that I was slightly disappointed that it didn’t walk by moving one leg at a time and instead moved using both front legs at the same time and the robotics are quite noisy when they move. However these do not detract from the toy and playability at all as far as the kids are concerned.


  • New Hand Gesture Technology: Teksta Kitty reacts to your hand movement commands. She will walk and stop at your command.
  • Tricks: Kitty will beg for her mouse, feed her the mouse and watch her munch. Tease her with the mouse to watch her almighty pounce!
  • Emotionally Intelligent: Teksta Kitty has a variety of eye expressions to let you know how she is feeling.
  • Touch Sensors: Kitty will purr, meow and curl her tail if you approach her.
  • App Program: Create more Teksta tricks using the free downloadable app.

If you want to know more about the Teksta Training check out the Teksta training channel where you can find lots of tips.

The Teksta toys will be very popular this year and I think that Santa’s sleigh will be full of them so if it is on your child’s Christmas list I would be buying them now to ensure you are not searching the shelves on Christmas Eve.