Tomy Aquadoodle classic


No matter how old my girls get they never seem to get bored of aquadoodle!

We have had a few in the pas from small
portable character themed ones to travel ones but we have never had one of this size before.

This classic aquadoodle mat comes with one pen and the aquadoodle mat. Aquadoodle can come in all different patterns, shapes and sizes now so you are bound to find something you like. We are enjoying this one at the moment as it The licensed versions are always expanding so you can usually find the kids favourite characters easily enough. The Classic Aquadoodle is helping the Alison with letter recognition and helping them both to practice writing their letters and with number formations as well as general drawing skills. Both of them have a tendency to write some letters and numbers backwards and I have already seen an improvement from watching them trace over the Aquadoodle pictures.

The Aquadoodle pens always confuse us when we go to refill it as it unscrews the opposite way to anything else but this is a handy trick to prevent the children from opening it themselves and spilling water everywhere.

We love Aquadoodles and as they don’t make a mess and can be reused they last a very long time!