#TMOTXmasTombola prize Wow Toys vehicles


We have always loved WOW toys and to make things even better they have started to create 3 in 1 and 2 in 1 packs.

The prize in my #TMOTXmasTombola is the 3 in 1 emergency rescue pack and is a great pack for any young child. The best thing about WOW toys is that they don’t require batteries and work via friction. Fantastic pull back and go toys that encourage imaginative play and fantastic motor skills.

All the people and accessories are interchangeable so it is not unheard of to find our caveman flying a pink plane or a cat riding in the dinosaur egg.

We have been playing with WOW toys for the last two years and the girls have shown no sign of growing out of them yet and love each new set as much as the last.

I love the accessories that come with each vehicle or playset and it really does show that thought and care went into developing, naming and designing each product. With different areas of interest from Construction, Farm, Safari and more you are bound to find something that your little one will love.

You can see the full range of WOW toys on their website and if you don’t own any yet I would definitely recommend getting some this christmas, that is if you don’t win mine that is.