#TMOTXmasTombola prize Teen Beach Movie


It has been a Teen Beach movie crazy afternoon and we have been a boppin and a jivving to some ridiculously catchy tunes.
When the girls got home from school today we sat down to watch the whole of Teen Beach Movie together for the first time (I have seen it previously and the girls have seen bits). We have had the Teen Beach movie microphone for review for the last few weeks and we have constantly been singing the two songs that the microphone plays but the girls didnt really get the relevance.

The Teen Beach movie microphone plays two songs from the movie “Falling for you” and “Boys like” there are two buttons which turn these songs on and off. What the microphone doesn’t do is amplify your voice. It is a great little toy though and the girls have loved playing with it. You can win a very special Teen Beach Movie microphone signed by
Ross Lynch and Maia Mitchell in my #TMOTXmasTombola.

We have also been playing with the Teen Beach Movie dolls. We were sent McKenzie Rock n Roll and Lela beach look.

I love the Rock n Roll style dolls and the attention to detail on McKenzies clothes are brilliant.

Personally I am not so keen on Lela. She is in a tiny two piece swimming costume and has the manufacturers stamp as a tattoo on her back. However the dolls are well made and the attention paid to the hair is very impressive with the styles, colours and thickness all representative of the characters in the film.

Looking at the other dolls in the range I think all of the Rock n Roll dolls look better value for money as they come with some great clothes and brilliant accessories.

I have fallen in love with Teen Beach movie all over again and my personal favourite song “Cruising for a Bruising” is going through my head as I type. If you have not watched it yet and your children (or you) loved High School Musical then make sure you get it on DVD.