#TMOTXmasTombola prize Penwizard Personalised book


I have to openly admit that I am a huge fan of Penwizards personalised books. We were given a book for Elizabeth for her 5th Birthday and she loved it and this Christmas book is just as good.

From choosing the hair style, skin tone, eye colour and hair colour you can make a mini cartoon version of your child. They then get placed into a recognisable episode of Peppa Pig (in this case the one where Peppa helps Santa remember who asked for what presents).

The girls still really enjoy Peppa Pig and this book is a favourite with Alison now as she loves hearing her name and seeing her cartoon self. Penwizard have lots of other types of personalised books to choose from and you can win one in my #TMOTXmasTombola

They are definitely a great present.