#TMOTXmasTombola prize Easybelts


Easybelts are a fantastic range of easy to fasten (and unfasten) belts using velcro. The elasticated belts come in all shapes and sizes and have some fabulous patterns on them.

We got an easybelt to review for Alison as being a tom boy she loves wearing jeans but she only has a little bum and her trousers were constantly falling down. The issue with normal belts is that she has a weak bladder and when she needs to go to the toilet she needs to go right away and she does not have the time or the patience to try to undo clips or buckles. An easybelt really is easy as she rips it open and it come apart.

Easybelts are not just for toddlers and young children. They are available in teen and adult sizes and I can imagine they would be useful for people with disabilities.

The belts come in some amazing designs and they have some for girls and boys as well as plain ones that would be useful for school uniforms. A great invention that is recommended for anyone who struggles with a belt buckle.

You could win one of five Easybelts in my #TMOTXmasTombola