TMNT Karai Bike escape lego set 

Alison loves Lego and loves Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, she is also an independant little madam who doesnt like any help when building her lego so finding sets that are suitable can be quite hard. This Karai Bike Escape set was the perfect set for her as it was not too complicated to put together and yet it was lots of fun. With two characters including Leonardo and his skateboard the chance to start playing was immediate and no other lego was required which is unusual for such a small set.

The theme of this set is that Karai has grabbed one of the lost mutagen canisters and is trying to escape on her super-cool motorbike. Leonardo attaches a rope to the back of the bike and takes a thrill-packed skateboard ride through the city streets. Hanging on tight as Karai accelerates on the dual-exhaust motorbike and swerves past the roadwork sign. Leonardo manages to lasso the rope around the street sign which makes the vending machine explode and Karai crash allowing Leonardo to retrieve the mutagenand save the day!

Its fantastic that such a small set has such playability and a story that fits in so well with the tv series. This has been well loved and well played with since we got it and Alison cant wait to add more TMNT lego to her growing collection.