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When I was offered 10 annual memberships for the TJ and Pals website for #TMOTXmasTombola  this morning, I was intrigued to know what the site was all about.

Luckily they asked me to do a review of the site as well and gave me a free one month membership.  TJ and Pals is an educational website for kids, there are loads of free games online that you don’t even need to have a membership to access. Elizabeth loves playing on websites for kids and in particular websites for preschoolers. She also loves playing Maths games online as it seems more fun than doing it at home. In fact fun games online for kids is what this website is all about (sshhh we just won’t tell the kids that they are learning too).

Whilst at work on my lunchbreak I thought I would take a sneak peak to see what it is all about before sitting down after school with Elizabeth. The first thing that I liked was the fact that you could download Safeplay, basically this is an interface for the website that stops your children being able to go anywhere else on the internet.  Definitely get a point for that one.

I proceeded to spend my whole lunchbreak doing jigsaw puzzles, sliding puzzles, seek & find puzzles and I have not even scratched the surface yet.

So as of yet Elizabeth and Alison have not even seen the website and already I am raving about it and as with anything I love I will no doubt have to write about it again. Maybe next time I might let the kids have a go too.

Oh one thing I have not been able to have a look at is TJ and Pals Apps for kids. I don’t have an Apple product so have been unable to test these so if anyone wants to give me one for free I wouldn’t say no and I know these will be on my Apps download list. If any other mummy bloggers out there have an iphone or ipad and have downloaded one or more of TJ and Pals apps let me know, I would love to know what they are like.

TJ and Pals are currently running a just for moms sweepstake where one lucky winner will receive a $250 amazon gift card and 1 years subscription to TJ and pals. Its open to US residents only which unfortunately means I cant enter but good luck.

I received a one month free membership to worth $2.99 the company has also donated towards #TMOTXmasTombola. All views and opinions are my own.

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