The Zelfs Venus Fly Trap Spin Salon


The Zelfs appear to be a cross between trolls, smurfs and care bears.  Small magical creatures with huge hair that live in an enchanted forest called Zardinia and magically glow when loved. Each Zelf has separate characteristics and a special Zelf power.  With the venus fly trap spin salon you get one Zelf (an exclusive character called ‘Tressa’)

We were a little disappointed when playing with the spinning device as we initially thought from the picture on the packaging that it would be easy to twirl the Zelf’s hair together.  In practice it didn’t come close but that doesnt take the fun out of trying. The Zelfs hair is great for brushing and it doesn’t all fall out although the odd hair does escape.

At the end of the day the Elizabeth liked playing with the Zelf’s hair, saying that the clips and jewellery were her favourite bits.  The hair play is very relaxing and as an adult I couldn’t help myself from continually stroking the Zelf.  The spinning venus fly trap was worth attempting again and again despite knowing the end result.

The Zelf Fly trap spin salon is self contained by closing the salon into a flower pot shape which keeps all the little pieces together. They have thought about storing the accessories and the hair salon includes hooks and drawers. The Salon also has a mirror which is great for imaginative play.

Each of the Zelfs are different colours with poseable arms, legs and head and a huge head of hair. They each have a tattoo type design on them that is individual to their character. You can get Zelfs in lots of sizes from pocket money pencil toppers (£1.99) through to the larger Zelf sets (£9.99) I can see these becoming really popular and we have already had requests for more. Elizabeth loves the look of ButterShy, Pegasue and Vampula but that is more than likely because they are all pink.

These are a low cost but brilliant gift that can start a whole new love in a childs life and something that can be built on through the years.