The Ultimate Tree Fu Tom


A lot of the time you hear words like best ever, super, brilliant and ultimate and then life does not live up to expectations. This time the opposite is true.

The Ultimate Tree Fu Tom really does do everything you could ever want from it apart from the big world magic moves by itself and actually flying but you know it is just a childrens toy and not some miracle.

Whenever I get a toy like this I like to test its robustness, I hate it when action figures lose arms or legs when the children are playing with them. There was no chance that it would happen with this figure though as I pulled and messed with every joint and they were all very well made. The Ultimate Tree Fu Tom has bendable knees and elbows as well as hips and shoulders so you really can pretend to do big world magic with him. With four different buttons and over 30 phrases from the hit show Tom can take you on an imaginative adventure into Treetopolis.

Tree Fu Tom encourages children to make big World magic by doing some simple movements to send the magic to him. I have seen Alison practicing these moves with the Ultimate Tree Fu Tom and also with him watching her do them. The movements were developed with the help of the Dyspraxia foundation which I find really interesting and it is nice to know that there is a hidden purpose behind those movements.

The best bit for Alison about the Ultimate Tree Fu Tom is the fact he plays the theme tune but only when his wings are out and he is in a flying pose, stand him upright and he stops. She has great pleasure is starting and stopping the song as well as making his sapstone belt and holopax light up.

The perfect toy for any Tree Fu Tom fan and one that comes highly recommended and at a fantastic price for what it is. I can not actually find any fault with this toy as it even turns itself off after a period of inactivity. Yet another fantastic Flair toy.

We received Tree Fu Tom for the purpose of this review