The Snowman and the Snowdog 100 XXL Ravensburger Puzzle


Jigsaws are all about the team work in this house and this 100 piece Snowman and the snowdog puzzle by Ravensburger was no different. After Alison and I had made the outside we each chose different characters to build whether it was Santa Claus, the female snowman or the Scottish one we passed each other the relevant pieces and got to work.

The 100 piece puzzle is recommended for ages 6 plus and I do believe that some parts of it would have been tricky for the girls and they may hav elot interest before they completed it but with a bit of patience they would have worked it out in the end.

The girls are getting a lot better at puzzles and really enjoy the challenge that these bigger puzzles set them and it is nice to see them working together to create something special. I hope they both continue to love Jigsaw puzzles as it is something I have always enjoyed doing and would love to pass that joy down to them.