The perfect present for Gaming Daddy of Two

So my husband is basically a very large child and for the last few years he has been begging me for a certain item. As the more mature person in the relationship I was reluctant to give in to his childish nature and basically ignored him. Recently though he has been asking more and more and hinting that he would like this item for Christmas. Well I decided to go one better and I sat him down to do a mystery parcel unboxing.
He really had no idea that I was being sent these Heelys and huge thanks to who actually had size 10 Heelys available. I mean I didnt even realise they made them that big. You can check out the Heely selection now.

Getting Heelys really was a dream come true to Gaming Daddy of Two and I really wish my video camera had not run out of batteries as the first few attempts at using them were hilarious and was certainly one of those #OooopsMoments that Lights by Tena were telling me about last week. I was literally wetting myself with laughter as he wobbled across the living room carpet whilst trying to look cool. Ever since the girls got their own Heelys earlier this year he has been telling them it is not that hard. I really wished that the girls had been awake to see the mess he was making of it. However by the time they woken up in the morning he had cracked it and proceeded to show off to them.

So our future trips out will soon see me left behind as they all wheel their way around. Maybe I should just get my own after all people say “if you can’t beat them join them”. Mind you I am not really sure that I am immature enough to actually go through with it.

These Heelys really have made Gaming Daddy of Two happy, if you have a man child living with you why not treat them to a pair for Christmas and help make them feel young again too.