The Original Gazillion premium bubbles Tornado

My kids are obsessed with bubbles and despite the fact that I thought they would grow out of it as they got older that does not seem to be the case. Something about running around outside surrounded by bubbles appeals to them and I am always been hounded to buy bubble wands, bubble guns, bubble machines and anything else that might possible produce a bubble.

When I was at the Toy Fair I came across the Gazillion Tornado Bubble Machine. It produces a swirling tornado type shape of bubbles and the liquid seemed to last a very long time so when I got the chance to get my hands on one to review I couldnt wait.

The Gazillion tornado Bubble machine takes 4 AA batteries (but you can use the cheap versions) and has a nifty way of getting the bubbles out of the bottle. Without removing the seal in your refill bottle you turn it upside down and insert it on the spike as shown above. The liquid is then slowly released into the machine meaning you dont end up spilling it all or wasting it.
When we first got the Gazillion Tornado Bubble machine out in the garden it was a very windy day so it was hard to show how the Tornado effect looked as the wind whipped the bubbles up and blew them away as fast as the machine could create them but we got a good idea based on the amount of bubbles being created just how fantastic this would look on a still day.

We also tried to shelter the Gazillion Tornado Bubble Machine near the backdoor (see picture below) hich helped to show the quantity of bubbles produced.

We cant wait for the weather to improve so we can get this out in the garden and really have some fun with it and I reckon it would be great for parties too!

Available from Tesco