The Original Doodle Bear

I don’t quite understand a childs obsession with drawing on things they shouldn’t but the idea of scribbling all over a teddy bear seemed to fascinate the girls from the moment they saw Doodle Bear.

Doodle bear comes with two pens that have a stamper pen at one end and a normal pen nib at the other. I wasn’t impressed with the colour that appeared on Doodle Bear but the kids didn’t seem bothered at all.

Doodle bear comes with instructions on washing him to get the pen off and recommends he is washed within 48 hours of being drawn on. It is also recommended that he is not tumble dried if there are still pen stains on him as this can lock in the pen and prevent it coming off again. The girls have really had lots of fun playing together with Doodle Bear and he seems to wash ok which enabled them to get drawing all over again.