The Hive Toy Honeydew School Playset


The girls love watching The Hive on tv and they have been asking for some of the toys since we saw them in an advert a few months ago. Luckily we were offered the chance to review one of the toys and we received the Honeydew School Playset.

I personally love this playset, it came with two figures and enough accessories to keep the kids imaginations flowing.

All of the moving parts like the bell, clock and doors are fantastic but the best bit is the flying rail for Buzzbee.

As the set comes with so many accessories the girls are able to play nicely with each other and reenact the tv show. I will have to get them some more characters though as they are really enjoying playing together and I can image that the extra characters can enhance their imaginative play.

You can find other toys at The Hive website. 

Disney’s The Hive toys have teamed up with bee charity Adopt-a-Hive in a brand new campaign to raise awareness for the plight of wild bees in the UK. Together with the popularity of this favourite Disney TV programme, the campaign will be gaining support for wild bees and educating children and families about how they can help the issue.To find out more about how you can help save the bees with Disney’s The Hive toys, visit