Telling a story with Truprint

Every image tells a story and that couldn’t be more true with some of the pictures I included in my Truprint canvas but let me turn back the clock and fill you in from the beginning.

Earlier this summer I was approached by Truprint to find a picture that I felt told a really important story. I struggled. We have done so much and been to so many places that it was hard to choose just one but as I looked through months worth of images I began to see a pattern.

My daughters who have two completely different personalities have become close sisters. On the surface we see the fighting and the arguing but when looking at the pictures I can see a loving caring relationship that has developed over the last year. They hug each other, they look after each other and they have fun together. That is why I decided that instead of one photo I would choose a few photos. I chose photos of the girls making fantastic memories together and generally being loving sisters.

Maybe it will help them remember that they can be nice to each other sometimes?

The quality of the picture below is not great but the canvas itself is fantastic and it was so easy to use and put together. I was given a credit for the Truprint website to enable me to make my canvas. It now has pride of place on my wall in my siting room and remind us of all our girls have been through in the past year and how close it has bought them together.