Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pop Up Pizza Playset


The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Anchovy Alley Pop Up Pizza Playset is a fabulous space saving playset that starts out the size of a small pizza box. In fact it is even decorated to look like a small pizza box which the girls thought was hilarious.

The pizza box unfolds to create a fabulous 18 inch tall three storey subterrain playset for the TMNT to enjoy.


The playset features a sewer, tunnel and pizza shop with flinging lamposts, pipes to swing from, doors to kick through and a sewer cover that flip figures at the touch of a finger. It also comes with a pizza slinger which can be placed in multiple positions around the playset.

The playset also comes with four pizzas (which you need to add the sticker toppings too) to be used with the pizza slinger. I was not very good at slinging the pizzas but the girls were both brilliant with it so maybe I have fat fingers.

The molding detail on the playset is fantastic with each floor featuring a different design in line with the area is it supposed to represent. I was slightly irritated by the fact that I had to add stickers to the playset but the accompanying stickers were of a very high quality and were easy to place.

Teenage Mutant ninja Turtles Anchovy Alley Pop Up Pizza Playset by Flair is the best playset that I have seen in the last year for space, imaginative play and quality. The folding and unfolding mechanisms are smooth and easy to use and I was able to unfold it with one hand. Depending on the figure you use with the playset it can be difficult to attach the hand to the rails as some of the hands are molded differently.