Tamagotchi Easter Party!

We love alternative Easter presents as I don’t buy the girls chocolate eggs and when i was asked to host a Tamagotchi Easter Party we couldn’t wait. We invited a few friends to come round and created little goody bags for each of the guests.
We used the included craft kits to decorate some fantastic Tamagotchi characters. We all had great fun playing with the glitter although Gaming daddy of two did not have fun tidying up all the glitter afterwards!
Elizabeth and Alison both loved showing their friends how to use their Tamagotchi based on the tips we were sent with the box (see below). The girls had a girl and a boy Tamagotchi to begin with and this was great because they grew up and got married and just yesterday they had a baby! The Tamagotchi matured over the course of a week going from baby to teenager to adult. At night the Tamagotchi went to bed and as they matured that bed time got later and later which did mean I had to look after them in the evening when the girls went to bed. It was great to see them changing quickly as this meant that the girls did not get bored with them.
The Tamagotchi are recommended for age 6 plus and I can see why, the menu requires some reading and the games although simple enough do require concentration.

The menu allows you to feed them, clean their messes, go to the park, shops or online, bump each other, send messages, look through their information, see a list of friends, look at their family tree and give medicine when needed. All this through little icons around the edge of the screen.

The world of Tamagotchi has grown considerably since I owned one as a child and the online world of Tamagotchi Friends allows you to take the fun online as well as on the device. I found this fabulous friendship map that shows the different characters available and what they like and who they are friends with.

I love these tips below which really help you get the most out of your Tamagotchi


·         Once your new Tamagotchi Friend has hatched, make sure you give it lots of tender love and care as they will need a more attention when they are a little baby. The more you play with them and feed them, the quicker they will grow up into a fun character

·         When you’re too busy to give your Tamagotchi Friend all the care and attention it needs, you can use the pause button so that when you return, it will be just as happy as when you left it (press the first and third button at the same time to pause)

·         Your Tamagotchi Friend will always be around, just make sure you visit the medicine box to make your digital pal better if there are tiny skulls on your screen- if needed use the reset button in the back of the toy to revive it

·         Once your Tamagotchi Friend is old enough, it can visit the ‘date place’ and get married! Eventually the happy couple will have a baby, and the new generation will take over. But fear not – the family tree feature means that you can always visit past generations so no digital pal is ever forgotten

·         You can ‘bump’ your Tamagotchi Friend with your pals to give or receive gifts, visit your friends’ Tamagotchi for afternoon tea, text each other, and even get married

·         The more games you play, the more coins you will get and be able to buy lots of delicious food and even fancy jewellery such as crowns and necklaces

·         Make sure the date on your Tamagotchi is set up properly, as this is the only way it will know when it has a birthday, when it is Christmas, and even Easter! Keep an eye on your digital friend during these dates and be surprised at the cute and fun things you see on the screen…such as a Christmas turkey!

·         Don’t forget to visit Dream Town on www.tamagotchifriends.com where you can play even more games and get to know your new digital character a little better

Tamagotchi Friends are doing a special Easter deal - The Tamagotchi is now just £20 – a saving of £5!