Tagamoto city road set

When I was at the Toy Fair earlier this year I came across Tagamoto on the Hexbug stand. A fantastic road track that has the added benefit of some amazing technology. The barcode reading battery powered cars make their way around the tracks and read the barcodes which makes the cars act in different ways. Thankfully the lovely people at Hexbug said they would send one for Alison to test.

The pieces of track were really easy to clip together and Alison (4) was able to do this easily herself.
All of the track pieces can be moved around and can all clip together. This allows you to use your imagination a lot and make the track that you want.
Adding the barcodes yourself added more fun and there were more stickers that you are able to use on the track provided. The stickers are also able to be lifted up and reused which allows you to add more fun to the tracks you have built as the car will act differently for each sticker.
We absolutely love the Tagamoto and think that it is perfect for any child that is into cars and the [parents will love the technology too. Imagine being able to make the car stop, have an engine tune, turn its lights on and off, turn the radio on and off or even to sound as though it has had a crash. These are just some of the functions available as the Tagamoto car goes over the barcode stickers.

You can buy different sets which will increase your track making ability