Sylvanian Families Starry Point Lighthouse

Ever since I first introduced my girls to Sylvanian Families they have been a big hit in our house and it is always good to add to our collection. We have just been sent the Sylvanian Families Starry Point Lighthouse.

The Starry Point Lighthouse includes a small story book that tells a tale about the children from the Sylvanian Village visiting Patricia the chocolate rabbit grandmother when she took them to see the lighthouse at Sea Breeze Cape. It is a beautiful story that tells the children about all of the furniture and decoration that can be found inside the Starry Point Lighthouse such as the whale shaped table, boat shaped windows and the clouds and seagull pattern on the balcony.

The Starry Point Lighthouse really is filled with fabulous sea themed details including the tiles on the floor and the shell shaped shelves.

As well as the Shell sofa and Whale table there is also a boat which can be used as a swing seat or as a boat bed depending on where you hang it in the house.

A great feature is the Hot Air Balloon seat for baby Sylvanian Families figures.

The Starry Point Necklace includes three slides which go into the lighthouse. The lighthouse needs one of the slides to be inserted for it to turn on. There is also an on and off switch at the top.

When the lid is on the top of the lighthouse then the light reflects out of the side. To project the images on to the ceiling you need to remove the roof.

When the slides are inserted then you can adjust the focus on the side of lighthouse so that it doesnt matter where you place it in the room you can make it so that the image becomes clear.

The three images are fireworks, stars and the moon with the flying tricycle shadow across the front.

The Sylvanian Families Starry Point Lighthouse is a brilliant addition to any collection but I wish it came with some extra accessories as Alison has now asked for some more of the smaller accessories such as plates and cups . It also doesn’t come with any figures so if this is your first Sylvanian Families item then I would recommend also buying a family set.

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