Sylvanian Families – Adventure treasure ship

As one of the Sylvanian families family bloggers I was very excited to receive the new Adventure Treasure Ship recently.

The Adventure Treasure Ship is part of the new seaside range and is part of the park play area sets which can connect together in a variety of ways.

The set came in a few pieces and the box had the instructions on the flaps which made it easy to follow. I did have to stick on some stickers which is always a pet hate of mine but there wasn’t that many so although it was frustrated it wasn’t so bad that it would put me off buying similar items.
Once put together the Adventure Treasure Ship is a fantastic play area for all of our Sylvanian family figures.  The ship has a swing, rope ladder, treasure chest, hidden flaps and a slide as well as crows nest. Some of the pieces such as the slide can be moved around to add extra play value to the set.
We love the small story book that came with the set that helps to get the imagination going. The Adventure treasure ship is a fantastic playset that the girls have really enjoyed playing with and as it is Sylvanian family you know that the quality is brilliant and that it will last for a long time.