Stuffed Fables – Blogger Board Game Club

We were recently sent another game for the Blogger Board Game Club. Stuffed Fables: an adventure Book Game by Plaid Hat Games.

The Stuffed Fables box was very heavy and when we unpacked it we could see why. It was jam-packed with lots of cards, dice, buttons, characters and more.

Stuffed Fables is played in the adventure book with the story unfolding on to different pages as you progress. There are 7 stories to play which gives you a lot of gameplay. You play the part of a stuffie (a stuffed toy) who heads of on an adventure into the Fall to protect their child. There are 6 Stuffies to play although not all of them are available in the first story. You receive a Stuffies character card which tells you more about the character such as their powers, which dice help them and gives you a place to store your dice and other objects that you collect as you play.

In the box, you get a variety of cards which you use to help you as you play. These include 40 discovery cards, 29 lost cards, 10 sleep cards, 46 items cards, 12 minion cards, 8 environment cards, 34 status cards and 4 reference cards. As you can see it is starting to get to complicated and this is just a few items that were in the box.

As well as the cards and the adventure book you will also need the sideboard to play which features the Group Task Track and the Threat Track. This goes to the side of the adventure book when playing. As well as those you need 30 stuffing tokens, 15 heart tokens, 4 objective tokens, 4 lost tokens, 1 bookmark token, 1 red wagon token, 1 train token and 1 door token.

The box also contained lots of grey figures that represent the stuffies, minions and bosses. These are beautifully made and really made us want to play the game.

I will be honest and say that as beautiful as this game is and as much as I wanted to absolutely love it, we didn’t. The game involved too many parts and it was just too complicated for us. We love playing games but they need to be easy to understand and we don’t want to have to refer to a rule book for every single move.

Each time a player took a turn they had to complete the following

  • Draw Dice
  • Find stuffing
  • Place Threat
  • Perform actions e.g Move, reserve, encourage, skill test, group task, attack, search
  • Discard dice
  • Check threat

My brain was exhausted after just the first two pages of the book and the girls soon lost interest.

We really tried to love Stuffed Fables, but it just wasn’t for us. However, if this game looks like something you would enjoy then I would suggest you check out the review from Jenny at The Brick Castle as her family loved it. You should also take a look at the Plaid Hat Games website where you can find out about more on the game and even watch videos on how to play Stuffed Fables which I think are really helpful.