Stoopido by Drumond Park

Have you seen the advert for the new Stoopido game by Drumond Park? We are one of the lucky few who have managed to get hold of one of the first review copies so that we could share our thoughts with you.

stoopido box

I first saw Stoopido at the Toy Fair in January and I knew then that it would make a great family game. The aim of Stoopido is to fill up the other players masks before your own.

stoopido contents

The game is played by rolling the dice and then the quickest person to touch the corresponding slap pad gets to add a piece to another players glasses. If you roll the glasses then the player to your left gets to add a piece to your glasses. If you roll the Stoopitoot (orange splat looking thing) then the first player to squeak the stoopitoot gets to place any piece on any players glasses or remove any piece from their own glasses and put it back in the pile.

To set up the game all I had to do was push out all of the pieces and add the plastic clips to the noses and the ears. It was then ready to play.


The pieces are all double sided so you can end up with some great variations and you can even mix and match when it comes to the ears so you could have a witches ear and a dragons ear too if you want. There are 5 hats, noses, eyes and 5 pairs of ears which create 10 designs of each type of piece.

The winner is the last player who still has space on their glasses when all the other players glasses are full. The losers have to agree to have their photos taken with the Stoopido sign. Unfortunately, as you can see below, I lost our first game and the girls thought it was hilarious to make me take a photo when I looked so silly.

stoopido stupid


Stoopido is the perfect family game for players of all ages as it is all about speed rather than intelligence and the kids get very competitive. It is recommended for players aged 8 plus but we played with children from aged 6 and had no problem at all as all of the rules are very simple to understand. The game is for two to four players and we found it worked best with a minimum of three.

We would definitely recommend Stoopido and think it will be a great family game to play over the Christmas period.