Star Wars Timeline – for the geeks among us

When I first heard about Star Wars Timeline I assumed it would be easy, I mean I am quite geeky and have watched the films a lot but even I was shocked at just how rubbish I was at this game and it makes me want to wath all of the films all over again just so I can get better.

Star Wars Timeline is a card game where the aim is to correctly place your cards within the timeline. Choosing whether your card came before or after the other cards in the line.

The concept couldn’t be simpler but in reality it can be quite tricky. The tin contains 110 cards featuring scenes from the original trilogy (thats episodes 4, 5 and 6 for those in doubt). The tin is small and can be put in a bag for easy travel and is the sort of thing that you can play as a family when travelling or with your geeky friends after a few drinks.
Sometimes you get some easy cards such as the ones below but you also frequently come across ones that might occur in the same scene and you need to remember exactly which order.  All the cards contain some text telling you about the scene and on the back you will find the episode number that it comes from as well as a scene number which allows you to see if the scene was placed in the correct order within the timeline.
The aim of the game is to be the person who gets rid of their last card correctly. If you place a card incorrectly you have to take one from the pile, if placed correctly play moves to the next player.

The game was lots of fun but I did find the cards were hard to shuffle with them being so small however this wasn’t that much of a problem and the more we play with them the more mixed up they will become.