Star Wars Crazy with Posh Paws and the cuddliest Chewbacca ever

Solo: A Star Wars story is in cinemas now and it follows the story of Han Solo and helps to fill in the backstory for this important character. The Solo story also features Chewbacca quite heavily so if you have young Star Wars fans who are going to watch it with you then he might soon become their favourite character. I can’t wait to watch Solo and find out more about how Han and Chewie meet and all of their adventures in the Millenium Falcon, especially the infamous Kessel run.

I am always a soft touch for the fluffy characters and have already stocked up on Ewoks and Porg teddies so it was only time before Chewbacca made an appearance. Posh Paws have created a range of Chewbacca plush in different sizes to ensure that you have the perfect Chewie for your little Wookiee.

Available in a variety of sizes and characters, Posh Paws have created a great range of Star Wars characters including Yoda, Storm Troopers, Darth Vader, R2D2, C3PO and Porgs.

The 10″ chewie has really long hair and is super soft and very fluffy. The kids have been fighting over him ever since he arrived. With classic belt detail and expressive eyes, he is definitely our favourite Chewbacca out of all of the ones we were sent.

The 8-inch Posh paws characters have a lot of character. I love Yodas expression on this one. The 8-inch Chewbacca is also really fluffy. He isn’t as squishy as the larger one but is still very lovable.

Both of my girls love these Star Wars bag clips/keyrings. They make great collectables and fit nicely on their school bags.

If you love these Posh Paws Star Wars characters why not join us on Twitter on Friday 1st June at 1pm using the hashtag #PoshPawsStarWars where we will be taking part in a twitter frenzy to celebrate these products and talk all things Star Wars.

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